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Android Device Not Visible In Eclipse using USB cable

I wanted to connect a Galaxy Tablet by Samsung to my Eclipse Android SDK with the USB cable.  I downloaded the appropriate drivers, followed all of the instructions including setting the tablet in Application debug mode, and still nothing.  Nada! Zilch!  I thought that maybe I had the wrong driver, so I uninstalled the driver, went to the Samsung site, and got the driver again and installed it.  Nothing!  Crapola!

I have more than one Android app on the go, because the app that I am developing is quite complex, so I prototype each function as a separate project to make sure that I have the Java code right.  I went to another project and look at the run configs, and I could see the device in the run configuration menu.  It ran perfectly.  So, WTH?

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I decided to examine LogCat very closely.  It said it couldn't find a compatible minimum SDK version device attached.  Well, I did know where it was specified and that was in the AndroidManifest.xml.  So I went there and sure enough, I had accidentally changed the minSdkVersion to 17, instead of 8.  The 17 number was for the targetSdkVersion.

        android:targetSdkVersion="17" />

When I changed the minSdkVersion back to 8, I could see the USB connected device.

Hope this helps someone.

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