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More Spammer Scumbags

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Spammers are having a more difficult time and have to get creative.  Spam filters are becoming more effective.  Numerous blogs and websites expose spammers, and lately Google has stopped showing keywords which hinders spammers.

Of course you still have the totally dumb assholes who harvest email addresses and send you spam.  Those,  you know, are the rank amateurs and the dumbasses actually think that it is a legitimate business practice.  Some of these jokers even claim that they are internet marketing experts.

I have lately seen upping the game in combining traffic fakers with directed spam.  Case in point.  A new entity of scumbag spammer emerged called  They traffic fake to blogs (if you don't know what traffic faking is, just scroll down a bit on this blog for articles and explanations).  But get this.  In the past traffic fakers got you as a web master to click on their links for everything from fake Viagra to online courses.

The traffic fakers of the past were shotgunning spam hoping some of it would stick.  These guys have a semi-official sounding name and their spam is directed at you as a web master, hoping that you will buy their pathetic solutions to supposedly increase your traffic and business. Caveat Emptor.

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