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DiscountApp Browser Hijack

It all started out when I noticed that there was a space on my Twitter homepage between the header and the top of the browser.  I could see more of my background image, and the side panel with my stats was much lower.  I initially thought that it was some weird Twitter thing.  It became supremely annoying.

Then I noticed that there was a little link in the space.  It was obvious that an ad was not rendering.  I thought that perhaps Twitter was going the ad placement route in advance of their IPO.

But there was another funny as well.  YouTube kept auto refreshing and I had these black patches of ads not rendering.  It was time to investigate.

I went back to Twitter and clicked on the little barely visible link, and was taken to the discountApp site.  There they explained that they were a browser extension, and they delivered ads not associated with the site.  I clicked on my Chrome Settings, found Tools, and then my Extensions, and sure enough they embedded a browser extension without my knowledge.  I deep-sixed it.  Quite frankly they were:
Scum-sucking Browser Hijackers
They had wombat piss for brains.
Total Scum of the Earth.

Can you tell that I was mad.  Let me tell you, this is one startup doomed to failure with unethical practices like that.  So if you are wondering what the big space is on your twitter page or why youtube keeps flashing black, it is because of that web STD called discountApp.

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