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Another Google Software Bug on Blogger

I like the Google Blogger platform, but as smart as the geeks at Google are, it is somewhat gratifying to see that even the mighty Google has software bugs.  It makes me feel downright self-righteous and happy when I discover a Google Software bug, because I know that I am not alone in creating bugs.

I haven't posted here for 4 days, because I have been busy, and then this blogging platform has been hit by a bug.  I try to upload a picture from my computer to my blog, and I get this black window saying "In order to select an item from your online storage, please sign in".  WTF?  Who said anything about online storage.  I want to upload a pic from my computer.

Nothing seems to fix it but waiting it out under some brainiac at Google finds out that their precious software isn't working as it should.

Sometimes it takes awhile.  The only cure is to wait it out until Google fixes it.

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