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The Nate Silver of Rugby and Bitcoin

Gotta say that I scored a fairly big one in the predictions department with my RugbyMetrics.  I did a running analysis of how the teams were playing, scoring and defense stats and came up with a regression formula.  In the latest fixtures of the Aviva Premiership, Bath the number three team was playing the Saracens.  My analysis showed that the Sarries would triumph over Bath by a score of  23-16.  I tweeted that prediction a day before.

On game day, the Saracens did prevail with a score of 23-10.  That is an amazingly accurate prediction and my regression formula warrants a trip to the bookie shop.

On another tack, in a previous post, I put up a video (done by someone else) saying that BitCoin was in a bubble.  Well, Mt. Gox failed a few days later.  I predicted a Super Bowl win for the Seattle Sea Hawks earlier this year and they upset the Broncos big time.

  I should start backing my predictions with money.

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