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Anonymous Email? What is the Best?

I was idly wondering about sending an anonymous email, so I plugged the term into good old Google.  The first site that came up was:

I have a couple of throwaway email accounts (everyone should have a couple of them that cannot be tied to you) and send two from that page.  That was 5 hours ago.  No email has arrived at any of my email boxes from them.  Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Then I ended up at:

Well, within 20 minutes the test email arrived.  So I would say that is the best out of the two.

When the email arrived, it said that it was from Free Email Service and the return address was:

That works for me.

Then I got to thinking ...........  ..............

suppose that I was an intelligence agency, FBI, law enforcement, private investigator, criminal, blackmailer or a news organization.  I would set up one of these things to collect information and see what comes in.

That thought was enough to scare the crap out of me.  Its now back to sending emails from a Linux command line for me.

Update:  It is now 16 hours and the emails from still have not yet arrived.  This service is definitely not to be relied on.

Update II - I think that is a scam.  My test emails still haven't arrived a full day and a half later, and they probably never will.

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