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How To Prevent Hack Attacks and Cyber Attacks From Iran

I just read that American Banks and other companies are under cyber attack sponsored by the government of Iran.

If I were the CIO, CTO or the IT management type responsible for American banks, financial institutions, energy companies, or major (and not-so-major) corporations, I would call in my network administrators and system administrators and have them write firewall rules blocking everything from Iran. If there is an economic embargo, there should be an internet embargo as well.

As a public service, here is a list of IP addresses to write the firewall wall rules preventing any access at all from Iran.

 Major IP Address Blocks For Iran

From IPTo IPTotal IPsAssign DateOwner Research Organization for Science & Technology IRAN Audio Visual Company (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) Danesh Golestan Networks & Beyond Networks & Beyond Network Solutions Institute Of Petroleum Industry Technology Company (ITC) co. Rayaneh Sepehr Ettelarasan Tehran Group Sepehr Ettelarasan Tehran Inc. System Company of Tehran Informatic Center Rayaneh Technology Company (ITC) Etela Resan Company Ltd Resaneh Resaneh Audio Visual Company Ettela Resaan Sepehr University Of Technology University Of Technology Internet Engineering, Inc Internet Engineering, Inc Online Network Solutions Investment Group. Consultants Rasana Tadbir Kavir Yazd Cooperative Rasana Tadbir Communication Development Co. Ltd Technology Company (ITC) co. Resaneh Audio Visual Company Rayaneh SABZ KHAZAR CO. P.J.S. Gostar Saba Data Transfer Company Private Joint Stock Group Resaneh Online Internet Engineering, Inc Investment Group. Net Company Ltd. Rasaneh Pars Networks & Beyond Company Ltd Dena Etela Resan Company Ltd Negar Parsian Etela Resan Company Ltd Internet Engineering, Inc Rasana Tadbir Investment Group. Group Net-e Aria System Tabriz Engineering Company Net Company Ltd. amin ertebat Rahe Talaie Enteghal Dadeha of Tehran Informatic Center Negar Parsian co. Rasaneh Pars Gostar Spadana Gostar Saba Data Transfer Company Private Joint Stock Technology Company (ITC) Azma Company Ltd Ettelaaat Dibagaran Karaj Co. Ltd. Esfahan Net Azma Company Ltd Network Solutions System Tabriz Engineering Company Research Organization for Science & Technology Research Organization for Science & Technology Research Organization for Science & Technology Sepehr Ettelarasan Tehran Internet Engineering, Inc Online University Of Technology Consultants Networks Rayaneh Rayaneh Rayaneh Consultants Iranian Oil Company Technology Company (ITC)

Come to think of it, I should do this with China too.  It is ironic that the minute that I deploy a new server, I start getting clever scripted hack attacks from institutions in China, like the meteorological institute.  I think that firewall blocking from unfriendlies, should be the first step in protecting your digital assets.


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