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New Revenue Stream for Photoshop Gurus

Self publishing on Amazon with eBooks is now a big thing.

I was reading an online forum for that topic and the author of the above book idly wondered online as to whether Brits hated her because she wasn't getting sales in the UK.  Her book had a cover of the heroine in a bar scene that was drawn for the cover.

I opined that perhaps the UK reader had cultural anomalies that made them hard to identify with the American bar scene.  The author replied that she was considering changing the cover.

It occurred to me that a photoshop person could make some serious cash by doing covers for authors.  Then I discovered that they were.  There was some guy selling stock photos for $20 with the title and author added with the photoshop text tools.  Others were selling covers for up to $299 per cover.  Photoshop gurus, here is another revenue stream for you.

A real graphics designer with a creative flair could probably make more money doing covers than the authors were making writing the books.

Just as an exercise tonight, I idly wondered how I would re-design the cover of Ms. Alroc's book called "Strangely Sober".  Knowing that sex sells, I photoshopped the above cover just as an exercise.  Ms. Alroc didn't ask for this and is unaware that I am doing this.  I just did it to see how my design effort would turn out.  I will certainly notify her that I have done this, and I will remove it if she requests it.

And if you are a Kindle reader, please buy her book:


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