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How To Resize and Rename Photos

I had a problem.  I had to send a kajillion pictures to a person.  They were taken with a high resolution setting on the camera.  All of the photos were too large to be sent by email.

Usually when I have just a few, I open them in GIMP and resize the image.  This was a whole folder full of photos.

I searched the web for a free resizer and PhotoResize400.exe came up.  I gave it the college try.  I downloaded it from here:  and to my surprise, it wasn't zipped or anything.  The binary executable loaded directly onto the desktop.

I then separated out the pics that I wanted into a new folder on the desktop.  Then I closed the folder, grabbed it by selecting it, and drag and dropped it on the PhotoResize400.exe icon.  As quick as you could say "Gee I wonder if this works|, it was done.  I took a peek inside the folder, and sure enough it was done.

It preserved the original pics, and next to it, made a newer smaller version labeled -400.jpg.  (If the original pic was name 100234.jpg, it renamed it to 100234-400.jpg).  So now, it was a pain in the rear to separate them.  I decided to use DOS to do it.

I opened a RUN command shell and changed directory (cd command) to my desktop.  Then I did a directory listing (dir).  All of the photos were name September12-00x.jpg and the smaller ones were named September12-00x-400.jpg.

To separate them out so that the listing would group the smaller ones together, I had to do a DOS rename. It was easy as pie.  I typed in rename September12*-400.jpg  resized*.jpg in the cmd window.

What this did was rename the September12-00x-400.jpg to resized-00x-400.jpg.  The 00x was an incremental number (01, 02,03) so the numbering was preserved, it just took out the September12 prefix, because even the big ones (unresized) started with that prefix and they were a pain to separate.  Now all of the unresized ones started with September12 and all of the small ones started with resized.  When you did a directory listing or explored the folder, they were all neatly grouped into large and small by name.

As a product review, I fully recommend PhotoResize400.exe.  The photos are a little small for my liking, but it let me send a whole pile through the email.

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