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How to split a .war file or a .zip file

I had a problem.  I remotely manage some coders 800 miles away.  I am getting them up to speed with j2ee, jsps, java, pojos and such.  I needed to get a .war file to them to deploy on a test server.

I used Eclipse to make my war, and when I went to send it to them, the size of the file was 34 megabytes.  I am only allowed 25 megabytes with my email program as an attachment.

What makes a war file big, are the jars in the lib directory.  I could have pulled them out and sent them separately, but my programmers are junior programmers and I wanted a no-muss, no fuss solution.  I needed a free file splitter.

So I went to and downloaded FreeFileSplitter.  I broke my war file into 18 mb chunks, and sent my guys two emails each with a chunk attached.

They downloaded FreeFileSplitter on their end.  It doesn't even have an installer.  It is just a very small binary that sits on the desktop.  They joined the two chunks together and deployed the war.

Thanks very much to FreeFileSplitter.  It works like a charm.  It will split and reassemble any kind of file including zip and media files.

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