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How To Make Scary Smart Computers

If you have ever visited this blog before, you will know that I am heavily into Artificial Intelligence.  I have been playing with artificial neural networks for about ten years.  Recently buoyed by the Alan Turing movie "The Imitation  Game" and "The Innovators" by Walter Isaacson, I have decided to start mapping out what it would take to make the truly intelligent, conscious, creative computer that would easily pass a Turing Test.

In previous blog entries, like the one immediately below, I outline the need for an autonomous master controller that can stop and start programs based on what an embedded set of artificial neural networks come up with.  I have also started thinking about a standardized artificial neural net, that can be fed into any machine already trained, so there can be a market for trained artificial neural nets.  I have outlined a possible algorithm for perturbations in artificial neural nets that can create computation creativity.  The list goes on and on.
But here is another essential element,  If computers have embedded artificial neural networks in them, then for the machine to become scary smart, it has to be able to pass on what it has learned to the next generation.  So how do you accomplish that? Easy.

Every time that an Operating System or OS is upgraded, it is upgraded by a predecessor machine who passed on the trained and learned neural nets that it has learned in its artificial lifetime.  It is the equivalent of a parent teaching a child.

In the biological world, what makes humans different from the animals, is that we can pass on wisdom, knowledge and observation.  In the animal kingdom, each new generation starts from where its parents did -- near zero.  Animals learn from their parents.  But I can go and read a book, say written by the Reverend Thomas Bayes who wrote in the 1700's on Bayesian theory, and I can read last weeks journals.  I can pick and choose to learn whatever I want from the human body of knowledge.  But first and foremost, I get my first instruction from my parents.

So if a new Operating System is loaded into a computer from an existing one with artificial intelligence, then it won't have to start from scratch.  And if you embed the ability of the artificial neural networks to read and learn stuff by crawling the internet, soon you will have a scary smart computer. The key is that each machine and each server is capable of passing on stuff that it has learned to new computers.

I do believe what Dr. Stephen Hawking says, is that one of the threats to mankind will be some of the artificial intelligence that we create.  But like nuclear fission, we have to build it for the sake of knowledge and progress, even if it has the potential to do the human species grave harm.

We have already opened the can of worms of artificial intelligence.  Once opened, there is no way to close it unless you have a bigger can.  Unfortunately, the contents of that can of worms is expanding faster than we can keep up with it.  The best way to control artificial intelligence, is to have a hand in inventing a safe species of it.

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