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The Worst Possible, Lamest Button To Have On Your Website

Back in the good old daze of the internet, when things were actually quite rotten, most users had slow-as-molasses dial-up connections. This is going back to the 1990's.  The brightest and best designs of the day optimized this with a splash page that told you what the internet site that you were visiting was all about.  If you still wanted to proceed to a content-rich site, you pressed the "Enter Site" button and waited ... and waited .... and waited. There was good reason why WWW stood for World Wide Wait.

Flash ahead to the present. We have tremendous internet speeds, even on mobile devices. The "Enter Site" button made its debut before phones had browsers.

So what does the "Enter Site" button tell you about a website? It tells you that the content manager or the chief web designer is a 50-something old fart who remembers that the coolest thing on the internet was a picture of a coffee pot in a UK university that refreshed every 15 minutes, and took forever to load.

Having an "Enter Site" button is the worst possible, lamest button to have on your site. It screams "Welcome to Fogeyville. Site last updated in 1998".

So, who still has this lame UIX button? I blurred the pic to make it unidentifiable, but I have changed my mind. It is the site for the Aviva Premiership Rugby and can be found at this URL:

Maybe someday the Scrooges who run the joint will be able to attract some young interns who will refresh the site for free.

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