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I'm Sorry Dave, I Can't Let you Do That ~ The AI Autonomous Computer Master Controller

We still operate as Microsoft slaves when it comes to a computer. Can you imagine how ludicrous it will seem to our grandchildren, that we had to double click on an icon to start a program? They will not be able to imagine us having to direct, save and open a downloaded file. They will wonder why were so primitive that we had to have anti-virus programs. They will wonder why we didn't create something as obvious as the Autonomous Computer Controller as part of every operating system.

The genesis of this blog posting came after I did a run of my Artificial Neural Network run and then had to take the outputs and feed them into another program (in this case, it was Excel). I got to thinking that if  my vision of an Artificial Neural Network embedded in every operating system comes to fruition, then the network should not just solve functions, sort and classify data, recognize stuff and do what ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) do today.  They should be able to invoke programs based on the outputs of specific neural pathways and events.

A natural extension of that thought, is that they would signal an Autonomous Computer Master Controller to fire up a program to use the outputs of the particular  neural network that just finished firing. If that controller is smart enough to recognize when the AI network is telling it to start the program, then it should be smart enough to shut a program down when it's not needed.  This is the small starting point of an autonomous semi-intelligent machine.  But let us take it one step further.

Not only is the ANN telling it to fire up a program, and then shut it down, but the ANN could also be running the Autonomous Computer Master Controller. Moore's Law will let that happen as microprocessor get faster and faster and the overhead will be negligible.  A core or two of the microprocessor could be dedicated to the intelligent OS operations.

Since we are not evolving a computer intelligence from scratch, we can take short cuts in the evolutionary cycled of smart machines. We don't have to create memory and storage from first principles like using an artificial neuron as a building block - the way that the biological evolution took place.  We can do this by making the Autonomous Computer Master Controller talk to a graph database.  A graph database can map ambiguous, non-empirical, indirect relationships. So the Autonomous Computer Master Controller observes what is going on with its AI network, and saves its observations in graph. As neo4j, the premiere graph database provisioner says, "Life is a graph". They are pretty cool guys at neo4j, unlike those at Arango DB -- they are the kinds of jerks who follow you on Twitter, and once you extend the courtesy of following them back, they unfollow you.  They have a thing or two to learn about brand-building. But je digress.

The power of an Autonomous Computer Master Controller becomes obvious in various use cases. If you have an overseer monitoring the browser and its downloads, it can detect executable code, and as such it can pull an "I sorry Browser Dave, but I can't let you do that!", and block the download.

Slowly, I am stitching the theoretical pieces of an intelligent, creative (perhaps conscious) machine, that will pass the Touring Test and perhaps equal and/or surpass us in intelligence. A machine like that, will crack this veneer that we call civilization, and show us how thin that it really is, and how unenlightened most carbon-based life forms are. Silicon Rules!

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